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Coleen Duncan

DRT President and Artistic Director

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C.V. Herst

Vice President

  1. V. has been part of ‘Twas The Night since its inception in 1972. Over the years he has performed many roles, both on-stage and back-stage. He has an MBA with a concentration in finance from Golden Gate University, San Francisco. He currently consults for a number of Bay Area biotechnology firms. He has been a member of DRT’s Board since 2005.


Sylvia Duncan


Sylvia is a long time Bay Area local business owner and one of the original founders of Dancers Repertory Theatre.  She serves as Treasurer on the Board of Directors and has been an Officer on the DRT Board for the past 45 years.



Cynthia Collins


Cynthia Collins grew up performing in the “Twas the Night Before Christmas”  starting at age 5 with then choreographer Jeannde Herst.  Her love of ballet allowed her to study with the Boston Ballet in their Summer Consortium series when she was just 16.  Cynthia works as an architectural designer designing remodeling projects for her many clients. She has been gladly serving on the DRT Board since 2005.


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